An HTTP cookie, commonly referred to as a cookie(s), is a package of information in the form of a small-sized text file that is sent from the web server to your Internet browser, and then returned from the browser each time it has access to the same server/web site. Cookies are useful because they allow the website to recognize the visitor when he re-enters the site and retain its preferences for the website.

Session Cookies
When a cookie does not have a date or a period of validity, then it is session/temporary cookie. The browser recognizes a cookie as a session if it lacks the Expires and Max-Age attributes. After the visitor closes his browser, the session cookie is deleted. The website may remove session cookies from the browser, for example when the user logs out of the site or remains inactive for a certain period of time.

Persistent/Tracking Cookies
When a cookie has a date and/or a period of validity, then it can be defined as 'persistent'. This means that when you close the browser, the cookie is not deleted.<br>Permanent cookies can also serve on sites to remember and distinguish the visitors. Most often is used for customization purposes, to collect access statistics, improve site usability and user experience. As well as for other purposes that do not require the identification of users by their personal or certifying information (user, password). For example, the Google Analytics service uses such cookies to distinguish between unique and returning visitors to a website.

Third Party Cookies
Variety of cookies are third-party cookies. More aggressive third-party cookies are those of ad companies that use them to collect information and track visitors' behavior and activities to show relevant ads and offers.<br>When downloading and loading a web page resources from external sites while the browser loads this page, it also makes separate requests to these external sites in the background.

We are using cookies in order to recognize your re-entry and site preferences, improve your experience and our site. We use both session and persistent cookies. Some of these are necessary for the basic functionality of the website, while others allow us to improve your user experience.